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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Truth About Those Who Cry "Unfair"


Unfortunately, letter writer Ali Manji has it backwards. His letter represents ignorance of the worst kind which fuels the war of the fascist Islamists against the state of Israel.

1. He questions the use of the word “Islamist” in relation to terrorists. So if not Islamist Mr. Manji, then what belief system is it that fuels their hate? Why are Islamists taught from an early age in schools to hate Jews and Israel in particular? The fact is that 99% of all terrorists ARE Islamists, are they not? Should we pretend that something else drives them to commit such heinous acts against innocent people?
2. He is wrong again when he makes the untrue assertion that Israel is occupying the land of the Palestinians. History shows that there have been many owners of middle east lands. But only one state government has ever existed in the land known as Israel and that is the country of Israel. There was never an independent Palestinian government there. In fact as recent events have shown, the Palestinians are having trouble having one stable government anywhere. The Arabs or Islamists, one hesitates to find another word, who stayed in Israel are the best off anywhere. It is only those who chose to leave the area who have been refugees ever since.
3. Ali mentions International law in the wrong context. It WAS international law through the United Nations which established the state of Israel in 1948. So any claims to the contrary are flying in the face of international law.
4. Mr. Manji seems to dislike certain words but thinks nothing of using words like “brutally occupying” instead of defending one’s own country against arab terrorists. How does he defend killing innocent civilians in the name of fairness?

I have no quarrel with any Muslim who desires to leave peacefully anywhere on the globe. But It is people like Mr. Manji who provide fodder for those of us in Canada who are tired of bellyaching Islamists complaining about international or any kind of law while supporting those who break the most fundamental laws of human dignity by killing innocent civilians in the name of fairness. Perhaps Mr. Manji should consult a dictionary about the meaning of the word.

Charles Pedley

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If someone told you that and never changed their mind, how would you feel? Would you just shrug it off? Would you also shrug off the rockets falling on your schools, residents, towns and cities AFTER so-called peace accords have just been signed?

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